With the highest safety features integrated


The CHATS voucher is a service or cash voucher based on paper that comes with the full tracking and monitoring capabilities. It is the ideal solution for voucher based programming, with 9 security features and the voucher scanner for quick and secure reconciliation.

The vouchers are kept as a stock on the CHATS platform so that barcodes can not be used before the voucher has been issued to the beneficiary. When shipped to the recipient, they can be redeemed to participating vendors for unconditional transactions or predetermined sales bundles.

If the vouchers have been received from the vendors, they can be automatically reconciled using a paper voucher scanner, which checks to ensure that the vouchers are original and then reconciles them with the vouchers displayed as redeemed on the CHATS site.

In a country office where you have multiple donors and/or grants using paper vouchers, the organization can handle this from a single stock of vouchers by simply assigning them to the different donors or grants in the CHATS platform activity section in batches.