“Secure Sockets Layer” is a common safety strategy used to establish an encrypted connection between a server and a device, typically a web server (website), and the user.


Encrypted Database

In the CHATS system, all files are encrypted and basic text format translated to ambiguous chip text using algorithms.


Protection of Independent Mission Data

If an NGO has many projects or missions in different countries, data are kept separately to ensure the highest degree of data protection.


Biometric and PIN Authentication

The CHATSapp allows the authentication of official government records and accepts all permissions types from PIN number to fingerprints or Iris scanners.


Managing mobile devices

Android smartphones are encrypted, meaning that only the CHATSapp and unique configurations can be used to avoid alternate use, i.e. phone calls and internet surfing.


Protection of Independent Mission Data

If an NGO has many projects or missions in different countries, data are kept separately to ensure the highest degree of data protection.

Working Offline

Offline Capability

The CHATS program is configured to work entirely offline, allowing it to be used where connectivity service is not usable.

History Automation Match

The CHATSapp dynamically and constantly synchronizes to the CHAT network, even in areas with unreliable internet networks, real-time data will always be available to program managers.

Compatibility for Peer-to - Peer

In situations where peer-2-peer communication (p2p) is not available, data would be pulled and transferred into field staff and company computers to ensure the related services proceed.

 Monitoring & Evaluation

Beneficiary Dashboard

All KPI’s can be evaluated individually or in groups for a detailed and collaborative study including; age, gender, place, transaction, and duration, or any data field of the beneficiary profile.

Vendor Dashboard

Both KPI’s can be evaluated individually or in groups, for an in-depth and immersive analysis, including daily transaction rates, daily transfers, position, and other data domain from the beneficial owner profile.

Dashboard Transactions

The KPIs incorporate seller and consumer viewpoints to analyze business behavior in the comprehensiveness of collaborative data that includes the average transaction rate, participating sellers, sole users, product size, fund sources, and geographic adjustments.

Market Dashboard

KPI ‘s thorough preference for the beneficiary product to evaluate market behavior, including product popularity, geographic differences in product availability, product popularity by gender and age, and transaction type for extensive and interactive research.

Money For Work Dashboard

Displaying core Cash for work project information, including data on work progress, recipient attendance, and recipient income.

Custom Dashboards

All dashboards can be customized to visualize the impact the NGO has on their entire program. In addition, the visuals can be matched to the indicators set out in the NGO program log frames to ensure that targets are reached and programs remain fit for purpose.

 Beneficiary Management


The CHATS platform is capable of registering large recipients or using the CHATSapp for single on-site registration with versatile and customizable data fields.

Risk Assessment

In order to ensure that NGOs meet most people who are most vulnerable, the criterion of disadvantage can be applied to the collected data for the beneficiary evaluation.

Customization Data Fields

The Beneficiary Information shall be customized with as much information as required to meet the requirements of each NGO.

Importing Data

All the data can be imported in large numbers from any kind of digital format (Excel, ODK, XML , JSON, LMMS, KOBO, CSV or COMMCARE, etc).

Filtering / Classification

Beneficiaries, once registered, may be separated and handled in easy-to-use categories. They can also be filtered to allow targeting and distribution to specific groups , e.g. by household size.

Continuous Beneficiary Analysis

The CHATS platform will analyze recipient information on an ongoing basis to ensure that vulnerability requirements are met, such as targeting households with children < 24 months of age, the program will test DOB and notify the NGO when a household no longer qualifies.

Custom Surveys

Survey and evaluation forms may either be linked to and imported directly into the CHATS platform from external sources or customized.

SMS for Group

NGOs can bulk SMS beneficiaries from the CHATS platform in order for them to have updated information on program activities and upgrade and distribution notifications.

Accountability & Transparency

NGOs may track any type of aid provided to each recipient via their recipient profile which includes e-cash, cash, in-kind products, paper vouchers, vaccination paths for children, etc.


With an optional SMS hotline, an integrated complaint system provides beneficiaries and vendors with input on all main issues in real-time. This can be monitored and controlled via the CHATS app.

Tracking attendance

For example, the participation of the beneficiary at a work site, trainings, the children’s friendly space, with the photographs, times & dates stamp and the GPS coordinate can be tracked by NGO’s using the attendance tracking feature.

Programme Management

Remote Management

The CHAT solution is for the remote management of cards, remote distribution, M&E data analysis, complaint management and market monitoring.

Multiple Programmes

The CHATS system can be used to handle various sponsors, grants and services in different ways from a single network to various wallets on a smart card.

Automated Programme Schedules

An automated payment schedule can be implemented with integrated SMS alerts for daily payments to recipients.